Slowenien Lehrgang im August 2013

Es wird diesen Sommer 9.8.2013- 12.8.2013 in Kranj ein großer Lehrgang vom Okikukai stattfinden. Der Organisator ist Igor Prasnikar, 7. dan. Ich bin schon gespannt neue Karatekas kennen zulernen. Von den Meistern aus Okinawa wird auch Sensei Tsutomu Nakahodo, 10. dan, dabei sein.

Leider wurde einer seiner Begleiter Sensei Okuhama vor kurzem operiert und wird deshalb durch zwei weitere Meister ersetzt. Es werden nun folgende Meister kommen:

ƒ Tsutomu Nakahodo, Hanshi, 10. dan
ƒ Hirokuni Yamashiro, Kyoshi, 8. dan
ƒ Masanori Yonamine, Kyoshi, 8. dan
ƒ Masako Arashiro, 5. dan

Hier dazu noch die Info-Mail aus Slowenien:

Changes to Okinawan Master Instructors Team
Unfortunately Okuhama Sensei had to undergo surgical operation about three weeks ago and is not fit to travel or teach at the seminar.
We have looked for best possible replacement on such short notice and now we can definitely confirm that the following two Instructors will replace him:

Yonamine Masanori Sensei, Kyoshi, 8.dan and Masako Arashiro Sensei, 5.dan.

Total Okinawan team now counts 4 Master Instructors. For more information see Bulletin 4.
Although 4 Instructors represent considerable increase in the cost of the seminar, we have decided to keep the Seminar Fee at the same level (60 EUR).

Changes to Training Schedule
We have moved afternoon Classes to start 1 hour later (18:00 to 20:00) to allow more time for sightseeing and rest.

Increase of VAT in Slovenia from 20% to 22% from 01JUL13
This affects the cost of Accommodation and any other service in Slovenia. The cost of accommodation in DSD Hostel had increased for 0,20 EUR per person per day.
In addition a tourist tax at 0,92 EUR per person per day will be charged. Sorry we can’t do anything about it.
All those who have already booked Hostel accommodation do NOT need to send revised Booking form unless you have additional participants.

Possibility to order meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) in the DSD Hostel
The DSD Hostel offers meals at convenient prices. If you wish to pre-order your meals send the attached DSD Hostel Meals form to the Hostel
so they can estimate how many meals they need to prepare. You give your final order at the arrival.

However there are self-service restaurants in shopping centres that also offer meals in the range of 5,00 to 10,00 EUR per person.

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