Koshukai in Bad Kissingen ab dem 15-17.08.2018

Unser Großmeister Kiyohide Shinjo wird am 15.8. nach Deutschland kommen und ein Koshukai in Bad Kissingen halten. Anmeldungen gehen am besten über Andi. Anbei die Meldung von Andreas Haberzettl.

Hello Sensei,

I am very happy to invite you to Gemany for a koshukai with Grandmaster Kyohide Shinjo!

The koshukai will be from the 15th of august till the 17th of august.

There is a welcome party at the beginning and a Sayonara party at the end of the koshukai!

On the 18th of august will be a Black Belt Test, a demo and of course a

Black Belt party.

On the 19th there will be an open training for all Karate styles.

I am hopeful, that this letter finds you, your family, and your students in good health.

Special events like the koshukai are highly motivating for everyone, who participates,

and it creates a big change in the normal day-to-today energy.

See you in august at the koshukai.


Andreas Haberzettl

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